The Working Of Clutch Plates

Published: 16th April 2010
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Every motor vehicle is composed of several parts, which work together, in order to make the vehicle functional and operational. Among all the parts, clutch parts are considered to be among the most significant and imperative ones. Clutches are actually found in many things that you have with you. If you are an owner a car, which has manual transmission, then you are going to find not one but more than one clutch. And all the automatic transmission cars also have clutches. If you are interested in knowing the working and functioning of clutch plates, then the information, which you are going to read in the following paragraphs, is going to b pretty informative for you.

Clutches can be found in all those things, which have to do with rotating shafts. And when it comes to a car, then your vehicle is in need of clutch, for the engine of your car is always spinning, but the wheels are not doing this activity. When you are driving your car and you are in need of stopping it, then the connection between the wheels and engine is supposed to be disconnected, without damaging your car's engine. And this is the time, when the clutch starts to work. It smoothly and efficiently engages the spinning engine into a transmission that is not spinning. And it is done by controlling and managing the slippage between the engine and transmission.

If you are looking forward to learn the working of clutch plates in detail, then you need to first understand the term, 'friction'. Friction is the force created because of the rubbing of two surfaces or objects is called friction. It helps in slowing down or stopping the moving object. Clutch works because of the force of friction, which is created between the clutch plates of motor vehicles and flywheel. In a clutch of a car, the flywheel is connected to the engine and the clutch plate is actually connected to the transmission. When the foot of the driver is not on the pedal that is the time, when the springs exert pressure plate against the disc of clutch. And in this response of this action, it presses against flywheel.

In this way, the engine is locked to the input shaft of transmission, which results in causing them to actually rotate at the existing speed. You can now exactly have an idea of the importance of clutch parts. If you are looking forward to keep your motor vehicle in good condition, then you should buy clutch parts from the most reliable and authentic clutch supplier. offers high quality clutch plates, clutch spares, clutch parts and clutch supplier in UK. Find comprehensive range of clutch plates and clutch parts here. !

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